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No Flies Estate Agents.

We simultaneously bought and sold with No Flies and I really can't recommend them enough.

From start to finish of the (unexpectedly long and complicated) process Brendan and Tony were professional, courteous and responsive. They were always available to deal with issues as they arose and were a pleasure to deal with. As they're local, they know the area really well and came armed with realistic info about sales in the area. We were very happy with the price achieved for both sale and purchase and saved thousands in commission as they only charge a flat fee.

I dealt with many different estate agents over the course of a few months and they really stood out in many ways, I'm very glad we chose them!
Just to confirm we also just sold via No-flies and we were so impressed.

We had tried selling via two other agents and found that they inflated the value of our flat in order to get our business, and were then unable to generate enough interest in it. We therefore contacted No-Flies, and they gave us a realistic valuation, based on a file of evidence which they have carefully compiled and took us through. We then put our flat on the market with them and had a flurry of interest, and accepted an offer at the asking price within a week.

Brendan and Tony were always responsive, friendly and helpful, offering sensible and pragmatic advice all the way through the process. They also have experience of working for high street agents, and have deliberately avoided repeating the annoying traits that they witnessed during that time. For example, they they are happy to liaise by email rather than pester us by phone all the time (though they were also happy to do a phone call or home visit too), they showed contractors into the flat if we were at work, and they avoided the usual estate agent patter. And of course they are also much cheaper. Wouldn't hesitate to use them again, whether buying or selling (and that is saying something given that we generally have a low opinion of estate agents in light of our experiences in the past).
I have also recently sold through No-Flies and I can't recommend them highly enough. Tony and Brendan were a pleasure to deal with. They are experienced, realistic, totally honest and very communicative. They made the process hassle free and straight forward and all for a fair price. If you are selling a house you should use them.
Nice to know they are doing business and satisfying customers, a couple of years ago when they were starting-up I think they had a few challenges from posters but seemed to politely address them all. Seems like they're cracking-on and best of luck to them.
And a nod in the direction of the No Flies hessian shopping bag which is a high quality product, brilliant in every way, and has made my life (almost) complete. Px

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