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WANTED:: recommendations for good, lower cost hairdressers

As my hair recedes I'm seemingly (and somewhat ironically) having to get it cut more often than ever before in order to keep it in check. As such I'm rather loathed to keep forking out £35+ every 5 weeks or so, and am therefore seeking recommendations for the best 'cost-effective' hairdressers in East Dulwich/immediate surrounding area. Thanks in advance!
Sue is brilliant at Whistles Forest Hill Opp The Honor Oak Pub off Standstead rd
Hayley at Honeys, Cheltenham Road (south east side of Peckham Rye Park and keep going.) She's really sweet and nice and does great cheap trims.

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Who charges £35 for a man's cut?
The Barber Shop on Forest Hill Road is brilliant - owned by a lovely couple its a top class service with affordable prices and decent conversation smiling smiley
Thanks all for the recommendations.

Ended up going to Rocket on Rye Lane. Robbie - the owner - gave me one of the best cuts I've had in a long while, and for just £20.

Phlox - the likes of Willies B (who I've given up on), Myla & Davis (good, but way out of my price bracket), and others.

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