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Dear Vivien at Ludlow Thompson


Dear Vivien,

I arrived back in my property which is currently for sale to find two speculative letters from you detailing when it had gone on the market with Agent A and when that contract would end, and a second detailing when it went on with Agent B and how you could do something now that we were out of contract with both.

Firstly, it would not have taken a rocket scientist to determine whether you had had any dealings with that property in the past. You have and it was not good. In fact it was the worst experience i have had with an agent in a decade of letting. Read the entire link above.

Secondly i am 1000% positive you can do nothing. I am certain of this. The reason being, that unless you and LT have access to some secret online real estate service no one else is aware of, if someone is looking for a property in my area, mine is the first that comes up. So what you might be able to do that the others have not been able to escapes me.

The more important thing here though is that LT are a disgrace, ethically you (the business) demonstrated there was no depth to which you would not sink to make a pound and is that really the sort of business i would want representing my interests? I think not

So please stop dropping me notes. You could be the last agent open on lordship lane and i'd still never invite you in to my home.


Why start a new thread on this?
Because everyone should occasionally be reminded of just how awful they are and by sending speculative BS letters suggesting they could do something that others could not,0 warranted it.

They cost me thousands in time lost due to their unethical underhanded behaviour with not so much as an apology. So everytime they are stupid enough to remind me of their continued existence i will feel compelled to warn others off.
I'm no fan of Ludlow T. Why not just add it into the original thread?

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