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Our lawn needs scarifying, apparently. I'm not entirely sure what this involves but apparently the end result is miraculous. Can anyone recommend someone who does this sort of thing? Thanks.
Now is certainly a good time of the year to do it but be aware scarifying is not a cure for all lawn ills. It is beneficial and should be done annualy. If your lawn is not too big then ( say less than 75 sm, then it is worthwhile investing in a hand scarifier like a Florabest or Wolf Gatren for about 30 quid.

I'd also suggest you look to use a selective ( ie broad leaf) weed killer before hand. Also it really pays to aerate your lawn with a fork to a depth of 100mm. Then why not go the extra mile and spread a little of top dressing with a some grass seed to brush into the fork holes.

Do all these things and your lawn will improve dramatically. Scarifying alone is not a miracle cure-just one part of a range of measures.


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