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Puppy socialisation classes or meet ups- Any recommendations?


We have a beautiful 11 week old puppy and are looking for recommendations for puppy socialisation meet ups or classes. We have tried to get in to the ones run by the Neighbourhood vets but they are full! Any advice would be much appreciated.


Have you tried hooking up with a dog walker in the park?

I am a dog walker and would be happy for you to meet up and let your dog socialise with my dogs, I am usually in Peckham park Mon - Fri with dogs I walk and my own 3 and weekends with just my 3. if you want to meet up give me a call 07443 942491.

There is a mixture of dogs from large to small and young to old, we also meet up with other dogs owners and walkers and the dogs have a fun time playing, running around and fetching the ball and most importantly being fussed by everyone and getting treats.

This will also be free for you and will enable you to socialise your puppy with all different breeds.


I'm going to this one but it looks full: [www.ameysdogservices.uk]

Amey is lovely though so get in contact with her and i'm sure she'll recommend another class in the wider area.

I can also recommend Amey
I used Leonie who is based in east dulwich, she's lovely and a fabulous trainer. She holds one to one and group classes, well priced too 07956 576529

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