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The rules for the business section of the forum.

I'm pretty strict when it comes to this section of the forum so please don't complain when you break the rules and I enforce them. - Admin

(This bit has been addded) OK, I'm pretty annoyed at rule flouters so if I see a company has broken the rule more than 3 times then KAPOW! All their posts, recommendations, account details are deleted. Why the heck should we spend our time continually removing posts by companies outside East Dulwich or who keep advertising etc.

This is a forum for East Dulwich Businesses, anything related to East Dulwich businesses post it in here, but follow the rules:

- Businesses must be based in East Dulwich and they must state their (trading) address. Failure to do this results in a deleted post. Multiple failures and/or lying results in a ban and possible public humiliation.
- Do not repetitively post about you services offered, this includes continuously offering your services to people with "I've PM'd you mate", "thanks for the recommendation" and "I can do that for you" messages.*
- Businesses can post about themselves once for free. I recommend reading the terms of use before posting.
- False recommendations are illegal and action will be taken against those who try it on.
- Suspicious / multiple recommendations about a tradesmen will be removed.
- Do not type the subject title in capital letters.
- Advertising / business signatures are not allowed.

Unfortunately we do not have time to check to find out where companies are based or to tell them not to continually post about their plastering/building/van/photography/nannying/plumbing/cleaning services everyday or tell them they have broken the rules so all we can do is remove their post.

Thank you.

* When we delete your posts that break the rules the system may delete some of your legitimate posts including recommendations. Sorry but we will not reinstate them.

The Administrator
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