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My dog has just been stolen from outside sainsburys

Hello, could you help me please? My dog was just taken from Sainsbury's....I'm completely destroyed! If someone has seen it please could you get in touch? My number is 07856 973530
See photo attached
This is dreadful. Which Sainsbury? Did you call dog lost?

Can someone tweet this so it can be retweeted?
Sainsbury's in east Dulwich
Thank you! Yes please if you could help! I'm totally destroyed
Did yo contact Dog Lost?
Yes, thank you!
Have you asked Sainsburys to check their cctv and, if you haven't get his/her details on to DogLost and as many sites as possible. Is he/she microchipped and neutered or spayed. Don't forget to get a crime reference number from the Police. All us animal lovers will do all we can to help, I am so sorry.

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Seconded on the CCTV, especially is the dog has been taken in a car. So awful that anyone would do this. Hope it is found soon.

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She has been reported and the cctv camera showed a white man short hair 30ish and a rucksack taking her. They wouldn't give us a still image! I've registered her in lostdog and I'm in front of computer like mad trying to find her! She is probably in distressed
Surely the police can get a still image. DogLost will do all they can to help, if you are on Facebook get her plastered all over that as well.
thank you! I hope we can find her...
RSPCA can also view footage and as far as I know, request still photo.
Hope she will be found.
So sorry to here this can you post on Facebook and Twitter?
I have done it yes....Hopefully she will be with us soon...
The police can request the CCTV footage. The sooner the pic of the person who took her is distributed the sooner he may be caught and your dog found. Time is of the essence, before the dog is sold on to someone. You need to get the police to get that CCTV footage asap. If the thief was on foot, he will be local and someone will recognise him, but only if that image is made public.

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Yes, this person's picture has got to be publicized asap. Have you managed to get posters up in the area? Unfortunately I don't have a printer but am happy to put some up if you can supply. PM me if there is anything I can do to help. I will walk that area today on my dog walk. Thinking of you and your dear little dog.
Thank you. We are going to put posters today and request photo of this person.
Can you do a face book post and then we can share it - hopefully it will sweep
Fb and everyone will keep an eye out. I'm devastated for you - fingers crossed
It's on Facebook and Twitter. I'll try and share it here
I have just read the news on DogLost, overjoyed for you! ☺☺🐩🐩☺☺
Is she back?
Yes, isn't it great! ☺
Yes, Turtle, amazing news.
A hard lesson learned.
Dog Theft Awareness Day. March 14th.
I FOUND MAYA YES!! Thus morning I went out to find her snd I did! I bumped into the guy with her!!! I'm soooo happy and grateful for all the support we got yesterday! Thank you to everyone!!!
gosh so what was his story?
He was trying to say that the dog was lost and he found it and was looking for her owner. That is a lie as in the CCTV camera we can clearly see that he unties her and takes her
Having been a dog owner, I would never tie my dogs up if I went into a shop. Years ago, a dog owner friend, tied his lurcher up outside Red Apples whist he got a paper - 2/3 minutes later found dog had been stolen. He mounted a big campaign. leaflets, posters, newspaper stories, even got onto the local news on TV. Cost him hundreds of pounds as general public contacted him as to possible sightings all over the country. Several months later, the Surrey Police contacted him as they found an empty van will several dogs abandoned on a motorway slip road. His dog was there, another dog whose owner could not be found, was later adopted by him as he had formed an attachment to the lurcher.

I am afraid that most weeks when I go to Sainsburys in DKH, I see a dog tied up at the entrance, very often they look as though they are pedigrees.

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