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Milo as been returned to me.....

My male chihuahua who is black and white has gone missing. His name is Milo and was last seen at the top of Blythe vale road/Stansted road. Milo is a very friendly, lively dog that loves attention. If anyone has seen him or knows who has him I would be very grateful for his return. There is a cash reward for anyone who can return him to me. I have reported him missing to the police and Lewisham council.
Please call Dine if you have any info on his where abouts on 07535 533 622
Please spread the word.... I miss my little boy so much sad smiley

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Sorry you have lost Milo, I see he is on DogLost, try to get a photo on there as it will help a lot. Hoping you will get him back soon. Keep us posted.

I see his photo is on there now, I've attached the link for people to see on here.


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Thanks turtle, I appreciate your help.
Still looking for my boy sad smiley
If you have any info please private message me. There is a reward for anyone who can help me get Milo back.

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So sorry you have not got your little chap back. Have you put posters up in the area and as many vets as possible? I do hope he will be back soon. Have you got his details on as many sites as possible? Thinking of you.
From the SE4 page posted on Facebook

Chihuahua found on the corner of Brightling and Bexhill roads. No collar. We have bought him home. Does anyone know where he belongs? UPDATE Ok we have contacted Lewisham Council and are taking him to the depot in Wearside Road SE13 7EZ. He has been given a reference number of 5501661. Their phone numbers are 020 8314 6000 out of office hours or 020 8314 2098 in office hours.

Hope it is yours.
The one lost by original poster is black and white, this one is red found in SE4. Have put link here in case anyone recognizes it.


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Was he checked for a microchip?
I have been very lucky... Milo has been returned to me with the help of PC Osborn (based at Peckham police station)
Thanks to everyone who kept a lookout/ share posts/contacted me with reported sightings of little Milo. We are all very happy he's back home with us.
excellent news - i hope he's ok!

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