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Lost Cat / Kitten - please check gardens and sheds

I realise this is pushing the geographical boundaries of the forum but I'm desperate.

Our 8-month-old kitten Monty is missing from the Shenley / Crofton road area. He's a lovely, friendly little guy who is just starting to find his feet in the outside world. Could you please check your gardens and sheds, perhaps he's had a scare and is hiding / trapped somewhere?

If you have seen Monty or have any information please get in touch. Thank you, and again apologies for hijacking but we are really quite worried about him.

Try to get his details on as many sites as possible. DogLost are especially good, yes, they do take cats. I assume he is chipped and neutered. Check with all vets in the area. I do hope he is back soon. Worrying times, how long has it been? Hoping to hear good news soon. All the best.
Thanks Turtle, he's been gone for almost 24hrs - previously his longest 'adventure' was two hours which is why I'm so concerned. Hoping that someone has taken him in for the night but it is hard not to think the worst. He is chipped and neutered though he hasn't got his collar on...
Do put posters up locally. That's how I got my missing cat back. Keep us posted...
Singalto I've blanketed the surrounding streets and I might start going door-to-door after 10am. Hoping someone has taken him in.
Hi Nijapig, have you registered your kitty with AnimalSearchUK.co.uk. hope you find kitty soon.
Thanks Lavender27, I'll do that right away
Great news, Monty was accidentally locked in a neighbours house overnight! He's back with us now. Thanks for all your concern.
That is wonderful news! 😺
Brilliant, so happy for you and him! ☺🐈☺

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