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We have found and cared for a stray black cat... checking it's not a pet!

Hi everyone,

We have identified a lovely young male black cat locally. You might have seen him wandering around in the neighbourhood. We've been feeding him for a few months now and named him Balti.

Unfortunately last weekend (Sunday March 12th) after not seeing him for some time, he came to us starving hungry and limping very badly. We noticed he had been bitten on his back paw and it had become badly infected. After calling the RSPCA with no luck, we eventually took him to see the emergency vet at the Celia Hammond Trust to get treated and to see if he had an owner... He had no collar.

He wasn't microchipped but he now is to our name and we've paid for him to be neutered, vaccinated and for the medication required to heal his paw. Celia Hammond Trust had no space whatsoever to take him in so he has stayed with us all of this week while he recovered but sadly we can't keep him (as much as we've love to) because we already have a old, rescued cat from Battersea who can't live with other cats.

We have now found him a wonderful new home with a friend of ours who has a big garden and no other pets that will suit him very well - he's such a friendly creature so we're just triple checking that he hasn't got a quiet ED owner somewhere. Given his state, I think very unlikely but just in case.

Pictures attached here and we've also put him up on Animal Search UK too.
Thanks so much everyone,

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What a beauty he is, I am so glad you could care for him and find him a lovely home. ☺🐱☺

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