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Lost dog in Nunhead cemetery

My friend's dog ran off today in Nunhead Cemetery. He's a brown dachshund called Barnaby. I've tried attaching a photo but to no avail but he has lighter brown patches on his face and tummy. There's a photo of him on the @MeetHouseLane twitter feed.
He looks black and tan. I'll try to grab the twitter pic and attach here for you if I can. Will keep my eyes open, I have a female that looks just the same!
pic from twitter
Thanks Chuff. Still missing 😢
Now found! He was doing a spot of golf on the course. Phew! Thanks to everyone who looked.
That's great news
This is the second dachshund to do a runner from the cemetery this year. [www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk]. Do they know each other?
Glad he's back, dachshunds don't seem to like that place!
Sausage dogs are hounds, so they will take off if they get a hint of a delicious smell. Same as terriers.

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