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Alloys been stolen off cars!

Recently there are people that have been stealing alloys off people's brand new / fairly new cars and leaving them on bricks. This has happened twice on Landells road (SE22). Looks like they aim at new BMW/ Audi type of cars which I'm guessing is because each alloy is probably worth A LOT of money. It happened to a BMW last week and now yesterday (Monday 10th) it happened to a brand new Audi. I was wondering if this has happened anywhere else around the area? and also to give everyone a heads up. Whoever these thieves are, they are clearly professional's at tyre changing because the car alarms don't go off and these cars they did it on for sure have a wheel lock on them.
It happened in Dunstans Road.
I'm sure the post was on here somewhere.
This has been going on for years.... Maybe more so now.
A friend told me it's wise to check your tyres when driving your car because these thieves come one night to loosen the bolts & the second night they remove the alloys!
Some abandoned alloys appeared yesterday on Hindmans Road

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