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Clumsy black cat lost? The Gardens/Peckham Rye

Anyone missing a black cat, male I think, roughly around the area of Peckham Rye, The Gardens/Doctors' surgery?
Has a small nick in right ear, eyes a bit close together but a lovely looking animal with shiny coat. Likes to rub up against people.
Has been sitting outside our house for several days on and off, even at night, and tries to get in to the house when we open the door. Thought might have gone wandering as it is spring.

Is he big? and confident? does he meow/talk alot? I lost my big black cat Cosmo, over a year ago, it could be him...he is chipped so should be identifiable...he may of course belong to someone in the area, it may be worth trying to take him to the vet to read his chip if he's got one...




If you have access to a printer you could attach a paper collar, you write your mobile asking for the O to contact you to comfirm he/she is owned.

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He is quite lithe really. Not at all hefty. I would imagine not more than 2 years old. Notable features are small nick in right ear and eyes a bit close together. We will take him to the vet as a last resort as it can be quite distressing for cats not used to baskets. I would put a paper collar on him but he is sticking firmly to our fence and garden so not much chance he would go home. He looks in really good shape so I doubt he has been away from home for long.

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