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Lost black and white cat FOUND NOW, THANK YOU! <3

Hello, my new (only had him two weeks) seven-month-old cat has gone missing. I live on the Croxted Road estate. He has a black collar with reflective bits, plus a magnet to let him through the catflap. He's white and black with a fluffy tail, no particular breed.

Please be in touch if you see him. He's very friendly but I imagine will be very nervous.

Thank you!


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Here's another picture:
Sorry to hear your cat has wandered off. Have you put up posters locally and registered her on the local lost pets websites? [http://www.yourcat.co.uk/Help-I-ve-Lost-My-Cat/finding-a-missing-cat.html]

When she gets back maybe keep her inside for a few weeks so that she gets used to her home before venturing out. More tips for new cats here: [www.cats.org.uk]
Thanks so much, Ilona. I'm putting up posters tonight, have called round the local vets, and will register him on that website, too. Very much hope he finds he way back home soon!
Any news on finding your cat?
Hello Michelle,

Happily yes, after blitzing the estate with posters a neighbour saw him on the other side of the south circular and lured him home! So relieved.

Thanks all! Will see if I can modify the thread title to say he's found.

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