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Back Home - Update Our Cat is Missing!

Hi there, Humphrey our 3 year old, neutered ginger tom with a small scratch over his eye is currently MIA, Silvester Road / Whateley Road area.He is microchipped. Could you please keep an eye out and check he is not locked in anywhere. He has been known to wander into other homes (but is shy) but has never gone missing before. Please PM if you have any news. Many thanks, J

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It would be a good idea to post a few photos.There are lots of ginger cats! I'll keep an eye out.
Thanks @Medusa, struggling to upload photos (size limit keeps blocking me for a single photo), but distinctive stripes, a white bib under his chin, a shaved spot on his front paw after a vets visit and a small scratch above his.

Appreciate any help to find our little fella

Any news?
Sadly no sight of Humphrey. Feeling lost without him! Thanks for asking.
Have you put posters up locally? I got my cat back that way.. Fingers crossed..
Thanks @Singalto. I have put flyers through letterboxes with no luck but posters are a great idea.
Have you letterboxed Rodwell or Heber Road? Might be worth it as I live on Rodwell and there are quite a few ginger boys (I've got one too) who hang around.
I also asked the sorting office n Sylvester rd to put a poster up for me which they did.
Bit of a way away but just seen a v big ginger cat with white bib in the gardens area- not seen him about before. V friendly, tried to come inside. Maybe him??
Thanks @clockworkorange. Have PMd you. He has been known to go visiting!
Morning East Dulwich. Thanks for keeping an eye out for Humphrey, still Missing in Action for a week. Some photos are attached to help identify him in the midst of ED's other gingers!

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Pleased to report Humphrey returned last week - he had obviously been locked in somewhere as was thin and ragged but back safe and sound and doing brilliantly. Make sure you check those sheds and garages before you go off on holiday! Thanks for the help and advice. Cheers James

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