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Lost - baby boy sun hat with planes/trains on

Lost, possibly at the East Dulwich Community Centre (if so it's not there now) or somewhere between there and Horniman... One of those hats with the flap at the back to keep sun off neck. Please let me know if you've found it/seen it anywhere!
Mislaid items at the Community Centre are often taken to the office - did you check with either caretaker or cleaner?
Ok maybe i should give them a call. It was locked up by the time I got back there yesterday. The cleaner unlocked for me and just told me to check the hooks (not there) but it's not impossible that it was found earlier and taken to the office
I saw it today handing on the front fence of one of the houses on East Dulwich Road, approximately just after the electric car parking spots (I'm sorry not sure how to call them) but before the bus stop; same side of the road. It was there around 2pm.
I'm sorry it was East Dulwich Grove, left side of the road if you walk towards Le Nid Nursery.
Ah thanks - I did see that one but it's not the same as ours, unfortunately

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