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Has anyone lost a black kitten?

This little guy has turned up on Shenley Road looking very skinny and a little unkempt. He's not scared of humans however he's not particularly friendly
either (I have the scratches to prove it!) so he may be a stray? I've given him a small amount of kitten food and some water because he seemed very hungry. Does anyone recognise him? What should I do with him? I'd hate to report him and find out he's someone's pet.
Would you be able to get him checked for a microchip at a vet? It's lovely of you to feed him..
He was waiting for me on my doorstep when I came home. I think I'll put up a couple of posters on the street and see if he has an owner. If not I'll try to catch him and take him to battersea, he's very cute.
How did you get on ? i have a cat basket if you still need one ?

So I'm 90% sure he/she is a stray so I'm trying to get someone from Celia Hammond trust to collect and neuter. He's quite scared and scratchy, I'm not sure I could get her/him in a cat carrier! In the meantime I've been fattening it up and its looking so much better already.
I've decided not to go down the Battersea route as they told me they euthanise some cats that are feral / semi feral whereas Celia Hammond has a 'no kill' policy for healthy cats.
You could leave the basket outside and put a bowl of food inside ?
Let me know if you need anything ?

I've lost a small black cat in Shawbury road off Lordship Lane, but he didn't disappear until 6th and your photo doesn't look like him. Does the cat you found have a few white hairs on his chest?
Hi Webster, this one has been hanging around since the end of May so unlikely it is the same kitty but It does have the odd stray white hair! Happy to send you more pics if you like.
Kitten is still hanging around. Is there anyone out there that's in the position to adopt her or that could help me trap and take to Battersea etc?
I'm (very) pregnant so not able to attempt this myself, I've already collected a few scratches trying...
Have you tried Celia Hammond yet, they're usually pretty good at picking up kitties like this...I would adopt but I have two of my own already and I don't think they'd be too impressed!
Hi Ninjapig

I have sent you a private message.

Does look like the same cat on the lost cat flyer that is lost from shawberry road
Hi Sandnot

This isn't Pippy of Shawbury Rd. Celia Hammond confirmed this one is a female and isn't chipped. Thanks Gill

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