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Still Missing - Lost Black cat - Shawbury Road

We haven't seen Pippy since Tuesday 6th June. He's a small adult cat, all black short fur and green eyes, 3 years old. He's never gone missing before. He usually stays in the block of gardens between Shawbury and Hansler Roads. There are builders next door and this may have scared him off.

if you live nearby, please can you check sheds and garden in case he is trapped somewhere. Thanks 07747 524736

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Have you checked out the photo in the 'has anyone lost a black kitten' threat?
yes, but my cat didn't disappear until 6th and it doesn't look like him. Thanks anyway.
Could he be trapped next door somewhere? Are there occupants in the house? I've had workmen next door to me either side over the past 9 months and the workmen tend to leave doors/windows open/ladders up the wall etc. which could be very enticing for a cat?

I'm sure he will turn up safe and well.
Thanks Hammerman. There are builders next door in the side return and i think this has freaked him and disrupted his sense of his own territory. They've checked and say he's not inside. I'm convinced he can't have escaped the block of gardens behind us though.
I have posted a thread about a black cat found yesterday by the RSPCA.
Thanks Singalto,
I've contacted RSPCA and waiting for them to call back to see if the cat they've got is Pippy. So hope so. thanks
RSPCA say the microchip details on the cat found in Pellatt road are not mine, so he's not Pippy. Am gutted. Please look out for Pippy who is still missing. Black, small green eyes round face.

I'm sorry about that... If the cat they found is microchipped why can't they return him?
They say they have now. Apparently they put up the poster when they collected the cat, before they had scanned for the microchip.
You think they would carry a scanner with them. I hope you find your cat..
Thanks for the messages of support.
Pippy is still missing although there was a possible sighting yesterday within our block of gardens between Shawbury and Hansler Roads, where I really hope he still is. If he has got out to the streets, he would be very scared and not have a clue what to do, as he's always stayed in the back gardens.
Please continue to keep an eye out for him, and please check your garden, shed or anywhere he could be trapped or hiding. Thank you 07747 524736.

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So sorry you haven't found Pippy yet. Have you widened your search to the other side of Lordship Lane, a cat from Pellat rd was found in a house being refurbished in Melbourne Grove a while back. He may have bolted if frightened. I hope all your neighbours have allowed you access to their gardens and I'm sure you have checked all the vets. I look out every day when walking the dog and I do hope you have some good news soon.

Kind regards

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Thank you for looking out for him and for your good wishes. I've done lots of posters and leafleting but not much over the other side of LL yet. It's daunting as he could be anywhere.
Hi Webster,

We're based on the Bawdale/Hansler/Felbrigg corner and noticed another missing cat poster yesterday (Cheetah). Our cat Banjo is really poorly at the moment and has been for a week now. Perhaps several of the cats in our area have a virus? I'm keeping an eye out and have mentioned to a few neighbours to check their gardens- good luck finding Pippy.
Thanks Vanessa3, That's very kind of you.
I'm sorry to hear Banjo has been so poorly and hope he recovers soon. does the vet think it's a virus?
Even if Pippy was too ill to jump the fences, you'd think someone would find him. I wish I had a thermal imaging, cat detecting helicopter...
We're quite far away, so this is unlikely, but this cat has been visiting our cat over the last few days.
Thanks Nick, I don't think it is Pippy but could you post another photo? Many thanks Gill
More photos
Another one
Pippy is still missing.
Thanks for keeping looking.
We're still keeping an eye out Gill. I don't recall the white hairs on his chest, but if I see the cat again I'll take a closer look.
Thanks Nick. It's only a few white hairs not a noticeable patch. You only see them close up. Thanks
Still no Pippy. I've seen cats with a white patch on their chest but pippy has only a few white hairs there, otherwise all black, small, and microchipped.
Thanks for still looking. It's been nearly two weeks.
I've seen a new small black cat with bright green eyes the last week while walking my dog. Managed to get a closer look this morning near the GP surgery while sans dog. I didn't notice any white hairs, although it wasn't keen on coming any closer. I took a photo but can't upload it as it's too large.
Hi Stephieee
Can you text the photo to me?
07747 524736
Which GP surgery? Thanksn
Texted you. I don't know a lot about cats, if I see him again should I try to coax him to me with some food?
He might live there so best not to offer food. I'll try to get down Melbourne Grove and have a look myself. Thanks
Pippy is still missing I'm sad to say.

Any sightings gratefully received.
thank you
Gill 07747 524736
Still no Pippy ☹️

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