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Black cat found by RSPCA

There is a notice on a tree in Pellatt road saying that, on June 10th, the RSPCA have found a black cat and are caring for it. The phone number is 0300 1234 999 and the case number is 1729/10/6/17. I thought I would post this in case it is one of the black cats missing around the area.
Thank you singalto. Our black cat has been missing since yesterday and we're waiting to hear back from the RSPCA, having seen your post and contacted them. His name is Caspar and he wears a red collar. If anyone has any more info please contact me.
Fingers crossed for you. I don't know where the cat was found or where you are but do let us know.
Caspar has just got home safe and sound, God knows where he's been and why he wasn't home for his breakfast this morning (1st time in 3 years), but he's back!
Hopefully the one that the RSPCA picked up is equally safe and well, and will be reunited with his/her family soon!
Thanks again for this.
Froggy that is great news. 😃 Let's hope the owner of the other cat sees the notice..
Thanks Singalto, I'm waiting to hear back from RSPCA in the hope that it's Pippy from Shawbury Rd.
Do let us know...
RSPCA say the black cat found in Pellatt Road doesn't have my details on his microchip so isn't Pippy. So Pippy is still missing. very disappointed. Please look out for a small black cat with green eyes.

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