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Lost Female Tabby Cat - Wingfield Street [FOUND]


Our female tabby Saffron has gone missing for over a day. It's very unusual for her to be away for long and we are quite worried.

She is one year old, but quite small, tabby with a white throat and stomach. She was wearing a grey collar with a bell when we last saw her, but this could have come off.

We live in Wingfield Street, she often spends time in the gardens and mews bounded by Wingfield Street and Howden Street. We are afraid she may have strayed a bit further, as no one has seen her around here so far.

If you live here or nearby please check your garden and shed in case she is stuck. If you have seen her please also let us know and we can hopefully track her down.

You can reach me on 07787 449330.


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FOUND. Healthy and hungry and very grimy. Very relieved here.

As is often the way with cats, she hadn't strayed far, just found a creative new spot to get stuck in overnight (a warehouse).

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