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Lost tabby cat -FOUND!!

Please will you look in your shed or gardens in case my cat Tigger has got herself in somewhere and cant get out. She has been missing since around 5pm yesterday and she has never ever stayed out all night before and never usually goes far - by that I mean she has never been away from home long enough. She is very timid and a few days ago got a tail injury from another cat who went for her but she was back to her normal routine and yesterday the only thing that made her go outside more was i had a plumber here all day and she got fed up with the noise. She never goes out the front.

I live on dunstans road right near the junction with goodrich.

Ive attached 2 picture - she looks deceptively slim in them as she is a big girl.

Please please just check she hasnt got herself stuck somewhere in/around your property - Im so worried, she never stays out.


I am beyond happy to report that i found Tigger - heard her crying under the floorboards, lifted a hatch and there she was. She is fine, ate a big bowl of food and is currently snuggled and sleeping. That was a truly horrible time not knowing where she was

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