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Found... Black Cat... Belvoir Road.. now Home...

Just taken refuge in our house... skinny & hungry but affectionate black shorthair.... NOT the one missing from East Dulwich as it has no white chest hairs. Any cats missing from the Belvoir Road / Overhill Road area? Jim

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Hi, pippy has only about four white hairs under his chin as in this photo. Could it be him? Gill
Please could you get any more photos?
Is he quite small and slim?
It looks very much like Pippy.
Thanks Gill
Don''t think it is your Pippy as there are no white hairs... he currently has his own room and will be taken to the vets tomorrow AM to see if chipped... will let you know. Jim
He was chipped and had travelled all the way from Burbage Road! ... May have come through the park? Has now been returned to owner.... after a night at our cat hotel! Jim

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