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BACK HOME - Ellie - missing tabby cat from Nunhead- needs daily medication

Turned up at a neighbours house yesterday.

Our cat Ellie escaped from the first floor window on Monday night (2nd July). We live on Daniels road in Nunhead, right opposite the entrance to Nunhead cemetary on Linden Grove. She's been an indoor cat the past 4 years and hasn't been outside since we moved here. She has thyroid issues so takes medicine twice per day, her health will suffer without this.

Personality - 16 yrs old but doesn't look it, loves people, quiet and trusting, doesn't like to be held but loves to be stroked. She won't sit in your lap but will lie on knees and shins. Very likely to seek out a human to feed/care for her as she did when she was a stray - Celia Hammond rescued her when she became ill.

Identifying traits - she can't miaow because of throat surgery so it comes out like a raspy croaky miaow. Tabby fur with cream 'eyeliner', cream around her nose and chin, white whiskers, fluffy cream fur on her belly that is a bit droopy.

Microchipped and neutered.

Couple of videos of her uploaded to you tube > [www.youtube.com]

If anyone can recommend a reputable leaflet distribution company I would be grateful, we are desperate to get her back 07583632213 / 07412338041

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Great news!
Thank goodness...

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