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Ginger cat - well loved - please don't feed him

Our very well loved ginger tom cat Woody, came home this morning wearing a blue collar. He has never worn a collar from us, however is microchipped.

Please could I request that whoever (if on the forum) put that collar on our cat please refrain from doing so. Also if he has been visiting you frequently and you've been feeding him please STOP - he is very overweight now and it is risking his health. I do however realise that these actions were likely carried out with the best intentions

He is a much loved member of our family and well cared for here. Please do not continue to entice him into your home.

Many Thanks


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Just seen this. It's not the same cat as my friend's that has gone missing.
Are you near Dunstans Road?
Hi lilolil

Thanks for the reply we are on dunstsns/underhill. Your friends cat looks very similar to our two cats so I just wanted to check we weren't both looking for the same one - outs has wandered in the past. Fingers crossed for your friend I'll keep my eye out for any ginger cats around

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