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Stolen from Goose Green kid's playground

Today (10.07.17) someone stole my baby's lunchbox from his pram. My mother had taken my baby out to play in the kid's playground between Goose Green and The Flying Pig cafe. While she was playing with my son, someone rummaged through the pram (not a lot in it, frankly) and stole his black and green M&S cool bag, with his milk, bib and fresh lunch inside. Needless to say, a very sad 18 month old came home; hot, thirsty and hungry.

I am beyond furious. How dare someone steal from a baby!!!! Not to mention the fact that we can ill-afford to replace his lunchbox cool bag, ice-boards, mini lunch boxes etc. I pack his lunch, because it's cheaper than eating out and I know exactly what went into his meal. We go without fresh fruit, so that our child can enjoy it - not so some lazy, thoughtless toe rag can steal it!

A woman sitting next to our pram, who had been chatting to my mum and child and knew the pram was ours, watched another woman steal from it without a word of protest or calling out. If you see something similar, please say something - you don't have to approach the would-be thief, but at least call out to the owner, to let them know someone is robbing them! Also, if you happen to come across a black and green M&S cool bag...we'd really like it back.

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