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Stolen from son on the street- Carrera Valour Men's Mountain Bike (and left with a used road bike)

My son's bike was stolen this evening. At 8:30pm, he was on his way home from a short cycle round the neighbourhood. An older boy - about 16 on another bike stopped him and asked him if he could ride it. My son said no repeatedly - about 10 times. Then the boy said, well I will leave my bike for you here so you know I won't ride off with yours. My son gave in reluctantly (he now knows he should have just rode off as quickly as possible but in the moment he didn't know what else to do)- the boy then circled round on the street a few times and then speed off round the corner. Son waited a few minutes and then realised boy was not coming back. He came back to ours with the boys bike which looked well used.

I've reported this to the police - tried to ring 101 but totally not able to get through so I used the report page on the website as suggested. My concern is also that the bike we have been left with might have also been stolen - although isn't! I have reported the bike details to the police so that if it was stolen it can be returned to it's rightful owner.

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I wonder if the perp was also involved in this theft on Friday: [www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk]. They share the same 'replacement' meme. I assume the "well used" one that was left was also of lower quality.

You could also report the stolen one at [stolen-bikes.co.uk]. There's also a Check That Bike section, in which you could check the frame number of the one that was left if that hasn't already been done.

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