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NOW FOUND: black and white cat, short haired, Dovercourt Rd

We've lost Snoop the cat - more white than black, black tail, short haired, friendly neutered male cat. He's chipped, has a collar with capsule and phone no and probably hungry. Went missing Dovercourt/Woodward Road area on Wednesday 26th where we are looking after him for friends on holiday. But he lives in Dulwich Village close to the bookshop/deli strip.

He may have tried to navigate back home.

If you see him please PM me. Thanks!

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Cats are very territorial creatures and are usually happy within familiar environment and tend to 'run away' from 'temporary homes'. I(t would probably be wiser for your friends to give you keys to their house for you to pop in twice a day to see to the cat.

Hope you find him quickly.
We're on Glengarry road and have seen a similar sounding cat near our house a few times - meowing to get in and sitting on our window ledge.

Is he still missing? We'll keep an eye out.
He just turned after 4 days out partying and is back safe now. Thanks all!
Excellent news!

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