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Found - young black cat

A young black cat has been around Landcroft Road for a few days. It was limping, appears to have a broken back leg and was scared and very hungry too. It is now with The Neighbourhood Vet on Lordship Lane. They are going to check to see if it is micro chipped and hopefully reunited it with its owner.

Posting here in case someone has lost this lovely young black cat.
I saw it in Pellatt road yesterday but it disappeared before I could reach it. Well done catching him and taking him to the vet. Fingers crossed he Indus his family again..
I took this cat to The Neighbourhood vet about a month ago, and it was microchipped and returned to its home around Landcroft Rd/Pellatt Rd. It has also been picked up by RSPCA from the street before and subsequently reappeared in that area. Hopefully eventually it's owner will get the message or the RSPCA will stop returning it.
How sad, I was hoping it could have been your Pippin. Sorry, sent you the pm before you posted the above.

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I saw that cat yesterday. It came up to me to be stroked. Its fur seems to be falling out and it has an injured leg. I hope he is being looked after....

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