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LOST KITTY - Westwood Park / Tortie and White


My kitty has gone missing. She's white with brown and black patches, and a distinctive kink at the end of her tail, around 7 years old. Missing from Westwood Park, Forest Hill - right behind the Horniman.

Thanks for keeping your eyes open!

She's still missing. Here's a picture of her in case anyone sees her! Thanks.

Could this be her?

messageFOUND: Female Calico Tortoiseshell Catattachment
Posted by mrs cuckoo July 20, 11:09PM


This lovely (female I think) cat has been hanging around in our garden on Glengarry Road for the last 3 days. She is very affectionate, seems a bit skinny and has no collar.

I've resisted feeding her so far - she tends to be around in the morning and evening and disappears in the day.

If you recognise her please let me know. If she's still around on Saturday I'll take her to the vet to see if she is chipped.

07904 974803

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That should have been a link but it's always hit and miss with me!

The post is further down the page to yours. Good luck!

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Alas not - though she's a lovely looking kitty. But she's not my Tootsie.

Thanks for trying though.

Fingers crossed the inimitably ED Forum can help me get my Toots back home.


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