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FOUND MISSING tabby & white male cat with a dodgy eye

Hi my cat Zeus has been missing a week, he is microchipped and has been neutered, he is a creature of habit and has never gone far before and is always first in line for dinner but I haven't seen or heard (which is unusual as he likes to be heard) in the last week his kitty buddies are missing him. If you find home or see him can you call me on 07443 942491.

He is missing from Deventer Crescent near JAGS school and Greendale

Unable to load a photo but I can send one on request

Many thanks

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Hi Michelle

I posted on the main board about a cat being brought into the Neighbourhood Vets on Lordship Lane while I was in there on Friday.

I doubt he's yours as he wasn't microchipped, but bizarrely the chap who brought him in, said that he was told that his name was Zeus by a witness to the attack (maybe someone who had seen this post?). Given the microchip and location situation, I doubt/hope it's not your cat who was attacked, and hope you're reunited very soon.


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