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Black cat missing Ashbourne Grove

Large black cat called Sammy has gone missing overnight (Monday 7th to Tuesday 8th August) from Ashbourne Grove. Neutered and microchipped. Very friendly and gentle but quite timid. If you find him please call 07734945032. Also very nosey so if you live around the Ashbourne Grove/Chesterfield Road area please check your gardens.

Still no sightings of Sammy. This is very out of character for him and we are very concerned in case he's been scared or injured and is hiding in someone's garden. Please can you double check any potential hiding places in your garden and give us a call if you see him?

I have attached a few more photos for identification.

One more photo
Just an update on our missing cat. If anyone does find him and can provide him with temporary shelter, please be aware he has been very ill in the last few months and requires a special diet.
Possible sighting near Melbourne/Derwent Grove and also near Bellenden. Please keep your eyes peeled and don't hesitate to call me. Thanks, Sarah
could this be him?

I've been away for a week and a half but a little black cat was hanging around Court Lane and Desenfans road around 2 weeks ago. I thought he was Pippy who was missing at the time but he's now home and just wondering if it's your cat instead? He certainly looks very similar.
I haven't seen him since I got back on saturday but will keep my eyes open if you think it could have been him. Very friendly, play biting etc and trying to get in my house. I didn't let him as I have two dogs and two big male bengals and didn't want to freak him out!

ps, he wasn't very big so may not be your cat. Not compared to my cats anyway.
I'm sure this is the cat I've seen around Melbourne once or twice since Pippy went missing and thought it was him. Last I saw him he was going through the gates to the GP surgery next to Il Mirto and wouldn't come when I tried to coax it to me for a closer look.
Sorry - I only just spotted these posts - I wasn't notified of the updates to my thread.

Chuff - the pictures look so much like him. But it's really hard to tell. I would describe him as a large cat - long, with long tail and legs - but definitely not fat. He should still have a shaved patch under his chin following a vet appointment 3 weeks ago. I can't make this out in your photos. If you do see him again do please call us. My husband will go for a walk that way tomorrow.

Stephaiee- we have had another reported sighting around the station end of Melbourne Grove. We have been back there several times. It does seem in character that he didn't come to you as he can be timid around strangers. I will go back again tomorrow but if you see him again please call me or my husband aond we will come running. His number is 07967079023. Can I ask what times of day you saw him.

Thank you both once again - we really appreciate everyone's help.

I have attached more photos to try to illustrate his size. One on fridge. Other on buggy.
Additional photos
Buggy photo
Hi there

The cat I saw didn't have the shaved patch so can't be yours and I thought after posting that my sighting was probably before your cat went missing.

If I do see him again though, I will check for the patch.

I hope he comes home.
Hi not sure if this is your cat I live on bellenden road near choumert road . I have just posted a message on the forum with photos could you take a look at the photos and either confirm if this is your cat or if it's not tyour cat please it's been sitting on my garden table since Monday 7th August thanks Julia
SAMMY IS HOME! He just turned up this morning. Thank you so much once again everyone who kept an eye out for him.

Sarah xx
Brilliant, what a relief! ☺🐱☺
Excellent news! Thank you for letting us know.
That's great news
So pleased to hear that Sammy's home. Fantastic news! What traumas these cats put us through!
They really really do! We have no idea where he's been for the last 8 days but apart from being very thin he seems in very good shape. Thanks once again for keeping an eye out for him - we are so happy to have him back.
I live on Ashbourne Grove and have been looking out for him, it appears we have rather of lot of black or black and white cats on the road, actually their appear to be a lot of cats!!

So glad he is home, ours (B & W) got stuck in a garden and was missing for 48 hrs, it was awful, I felt your pain.

Louisa at No 50
so glad he is home please amend your heading to say found to share the good news
Really sorry but I don't know how to amend the heating! I tried and failed. Help!

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