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What is replacing the Old Garden Centre??

I have seen they are demolishing the old garden centre by the train station. Does anyone know what is going there in its place?
Morrisons, library and flats.
hopefully without razer wire!

Nor do I
I like razor wire.
Adds a certain edginess.
I too been wondering what become of demoilshed,garden centre site.
Previously on another thread was told morris sons were refused due to lack provision fir parking .
So see this must been resolved but how they going fit all 3 premises not that huge site.
It's only a convenience store and right next to station. It won't take business from Sainsbury's and this end of ED lacks a grab and go type place. No worries about parking. It's a completely different story to the proposed M&S.

Not really Louisa-- The M&S that will be opened is a similar grab and go format rather than one of the more traditional stores. Also, there is much more housing being developed as part of that scheme.

Not sure why this has been much less controversial...
I agree LM the proposed M&S is a convenience format, but all the indications are that it will attract a wider audience for reasons outlined on the other thread. The housing developed as part of this scheme I would imagine is aimed at people without cars, seeing as it's right next to the station and by an important bus stop. And equally the Morrisons will be aimed at people using the station. I think marks picked the wrong spot on LL.

That's crazy. The station is 5 minutes walk from Iceland's shop. There really isn't any difference in that regard.
I think Louisa has a point.

People go in all directions from the station and for a lot of people, walking down to the Iceland site, then all the way back on the way home from work, whilst eminently do-able, isn't that convenient.

That said, they probably made their decision on what looked available at a certain point in time, and I'm sure an M&S on LL would/will do well.
That wasn't my point actually. Being right by the station may be a better location in terms of footfall. However, the idea that people will drive to M&S but won't the Morrisons doesn't make sense as they are five minutes apart on foot.

Same for the flats.
No local councillors said on previous thread morris sons were refused due unable provide proof proper disabled parking and that was a convince store.
Not sure why no trade taken away sainsburys mentioned to me I did not mention that.
Metro stores are not tiny I can see one would fit.but a library aswell,flats I guess would be above shop feasible in this modern day.
Southwark must have decided 2nd application acceptable.
I'm glad aswell need a convenient store I am others don't have time go to tesco metro.

True nothing like that our end Ed
LondonMix Wrote:

However, the idea that people will
drive to M&S but won't the Morrisons doesn't make
sense as they are five minutes apart on foot.

Same for the flats.

M&S is a totally different offering to Morrisons and IMO will attract a wider audience. People will drive from relatively nearby to use this store whereas they would be less likely to do so for the Morrrisons. It's right by a supermarket for bigger food shops, no one in their right mind would drive to a small format store when a major supermarket with free parking is right next door. Completely different prospect.

M&S Simply food would make more sense for the station development imo. Then Iceland could become the mythical Waitrose.
Lol rahrahrah. I think both M&S and Waitrose were put off by the Dog Kennel Hill Estate.

Confusing thread said morris sons got approved yet your saying m&s councillor come join in inform us correct company either be great.
M&s fine if you earn high wage alot this side Ed dont.
There are bigger M&S stores nearby (Brixton and Camberwell for example) so it really is serving a relatively small catchment.

Talking about people driving to a small format convenience store (be it Morrisons or M&S) when the train station is also 5 minutes walk away and there is a bus stop right in front seems a bit of a stretch to me.

M&S simply food is a convenience format store just like the Morrison's that will be opening . Its exactly like the mini Tesco and the mini Sainsbury that already are in the area. They will sell staple food, some frozen options and greeting cards etc. Who is driving out of their way for that-- you certainly can't do a weekly shop in one of them.
Yes LM bigger stores eh Walworth Road and Brixton are nearby, but both a nightmare to drive to and get parked up most times especially during rush hour from the village or west Dulwich for example. The LL development would be much easier but still far enough away to probably want to drive. The Alleyns and Dulwich College catchment area will encourage parents after school to use this new convenience store over and above a sainsburys supermarket for example. It's convenience, but it's aimed at a different market and they will use it because it's close enough to drive to and avoid the traffic obstacles of Brixton and Walworth. The Morrisons will not attract this audience of that I'm sure. God only knows what would happen if Waitrose opened up. It would be chaos.

I'm with Louisa on the possible customer split. The M&S will be selling more prepared meals, I'm guessing, hoping to catch the 'rushed home before going out, don't want to bother to cook but want something 'nice' for dinner' brigade. And snacks/ dips etc. Probably not a lot of 'cook from scratch' food. I guess Morrison's will be selling more home cooking components/ ingrediants. If they get the stocking right then will be more complementary, meeting different needs/ demographics, than strictly competitive. Neither will be weekly shop destination stores - although both will offer 'unique to them' elements which might form part of a weekly shop.
I can't wait for a Morrisons near the station.
Anyone got any new ideas about this? What's actually been confirmed?
As already said it's going to be a library + flats + shop

Redevelopment of existing garden centre to provide a 4 storey building comprising basement storage and plant areas; ground floor Class A1 retail unit and D1 community (shown as library) unit; with 20 residential units (5 x 1 bed, 11 x 2 bed and 4 x 3 bed flats) on the first, second and third floors together with associated parking, amenity, landscaping, waste and cycle storage.

It looks like they're keeping the right part of the old station exit building but demolishing the rest. It looks a bit odd tacked onto the new building.
I'm sure the picture above looks different to the one I saw last year. I thought the old station was fully retained. I could be wrong.....

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Looks diiferent to me too.

Now an impressive 13.93 metres high plus "roof".

Anyone who puts a 3.26 metre basement in this area may not yet have done proper research.

Much more enrichment for East Dulwich sewers.

Are the rubblish gondolas stiil going to be adjacent to the library entrance?
The developer and I met with Network Rail 2-4 years ago to try and come up with a scheme that resulted in a new station ticket office and lifts to the platforms.
Network Rail wanted £1M from the developer to shore up the railway before they'd talk seriously about this. So sadly it didn't proceed.

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Yet another uninspired and bland modern building. Shame. Though I am in no way surprised.
I'm not overly concerned with the look my main issue is with the height. We are in suburban london and I for one don't want the area being spoilt by tall buildings. Drive down into Lewisham this morning and what a monstrosity that place has become, tall buildings crammed into narrow spaces. Yuck.

Louisa, I agree and once you have a few it sets a planning precedent.

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