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Break in Woodwarde Road - 9 March

Just a warning, Someone broke in to our house on Woodwarde through our back garden Patio doors some time yesterday late afternoon or evening. Nothing subtle, they forced door, breaking the frame. Thankfully they seem to have been scared off by the burglar alarm and nothing taken.

They could have come down the side passage or from one of the other gardens adjoining ours.

So, make sure all back doors are locked and burglar alarm turned on even if you are just popping out for 20 mins!
There was a similar entry in an adjoining road recently, again the intruder alarm drove the culprit[s] away. this was at 9.30 in the evening when the owners were out.

Difficult to know what to do, these doors, often the original ones, seem to be vulnerable.
I was emailed about this via the neighbourhood watch group. Really sorry to sorry to hear what happened. Agree burglar alarm on basically all the time, even if you pop out for 1 minute and always alarm downstairs when in bed.
I live close to Woodwarde Road. Next door neighbour broken into at 6.30pm on a Friday, a couple of weeks ago, neighbours were in on both sides. Last week, house opposite broken into at 7.30pm mid-week, again all immediate neighbours in. Both houses had alarms. From my house I saw someone in the house across the road (after the alarm had been ringing for a couple of minutes), went over and banged on the door.

Police said burglaries are 'prolific' in this area. Both times burglars (police say usually a pair, one inside passing stuff to the one outside) climbed on rear extension and broke first floor windows.

Alarms are a pain and are easy to ignore but maybe banging on doors mean that if there's anyone in your neighbour's house they'll get scared off.

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