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Paintings of East Dulwich

Does anyone know a painter or artist locally who paints the streets of ED or local landmarks? Would love to have one up on my wall.
Michael Fenner had an exhibition at Jeannie Avent and at the framers on North X Rd. and featured some local scenes. They might know his contact number.
It would be worth waiting a few weeks for the Artists Open House as I am sure there will be many paintings of the local area to select from. Details here [dulwichfestival.co.uk] and you can pick up a guide from many of the shops on Lordship Lane.
I'm in process of doing some - here's a couple of local pubs



I am planning on doing many more as moved into area a year ago and love it so much I want to paint it. I also do paintings for recipes in the Dulwich Diverter if you ever get a copy of that. I am going to do artist open house one year in the future for sure!

I have a website too if you want to look at anything else. www.jessicakendrew.com

Hope you like my work and thanks for looking.
Those are beautiful.

If anyone is looking for prints, Place in Print does some of the area:
JBK - real talent, can't wait to see more of your work, keep it up.

A few suggestions, Dulwich College or The Hornimans Museum would make lovely pictures as would the bandstand in the Hornimans or the View from there into London, or the top of Ringmore Rise into London, The top of Canonbie into London on one side and Kent on the other.

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Sorry be a bit of a wet blanket, but shouldn't these adverts for paintings be on the trade or sales section?

When I did Open House, I didn't think I could us this section to promote my work I thought that I had to print flyers, for example.

Good luck with sales anyway, the commercial art world is a tough game.
i*Rate I for one think it is nice to see and hear from new artists that I have not come across before. The more the merrier on this board.

Why do people have to be so negative all the time. Share a bit of love. This is a community after all. lets try and support each other.
Thanks so much for the encouragement. I'm working on new ones so will have more on my website and instagram soon! Hopefully I can get a stall on Northcross Road at some point in the future too.
Thanks for the suggestions dbboy, I shall add them to the list!
Hi, Another new artist in ed painting local scenes is wwww.rianhotton.com or visit his open house over 13-14th & 20-21st May no 54 in the artist at home booklet. He can do commissions. Best wishes
I much prefer the original work by JRK - Jessica Kendrew

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Just thought I'd update this thread - spoke with Jessica Kendrew (JRK) about her paintings and commissioned a really lovely painting which I have just picked up today - we are so pleased with it and Jess was great to deal with and the detail of the painting was very important to her, the work was affordable as well. Hope to see her at the Artists Open House next year!
Thank you so much gatt4950 for the recommendation, I am so glad you love it! More ED pubs and scenes are next on my todo list so may be worth checking my website from time to time.

For anyone else who is interested, as well as bespoke commissions, I now have fine art giclee prints in A3 and A4 available from my online shop of The Actress and The Bishop and will be adding the other pubs as I do them.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far and hopefully I'll be organised enough to be at Artist Open House in 2018! If you're on instagram and fancy seeing what I've been up to please follow @jkendrew [www.instagram.com]

There are some great greeting cards of Franklin's Farm Shop available inside - just ask if you can't see them.

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