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Clothes recycling bins

Hi all - I have some old clothes that are not good enough for a charity shop. I was going to recycle them in the big bins in sainsbury's car park but found they've gone. Any suggestions of where I can find one?
There is a huge container at Devon St. Depot.

You need proof of living in Southwark.

I bekieve that there's a textile recycling bin at Belair Park. Don't use the one next to The Plough - it's run by a cult.
the mobile recycling unit will take them, they are in sainsburys tomorrow, theres a thread on here about it
Sainsbury's New Cross Gate still have bins.

Or there is one at Rye Lane Asda.
Courtesy of Mellors, for those of you at the Grove Tavern end of LL, there is a Lewisham textile recycling bin on Sydenham Hill at the Horniman end, about 200 metres before the entrance to Crescent Wood Rd on the left hand side (as you drive from ED). I used it recently and was very grateful not to have to travel to Devon St.
There is one in Upland road as well by the corner shop
I've asked for officers to check up on the one mentioned near the Plough.

Cllr Renata Hamvas
Labour Councillor For Peckham Rye Ward

Ward Surgeries
1st Friday, 6.30-7.30pm Rye Hill Park TRA Hall, Peckham Rye SE15
2nd Saturday,10-11am East Dulwich Community Centre, Darrell Rd SE22
4th Thursday (3rd in December), 6.30-7.30pm Nunhead Library, Gordon Rd SE15

Charity shops recycle cloths too, you can take it to them, just let them know when you hand it to them so they can recycle them straight away and don't have to go through them. Good luck.
Any update on the Plough textile bank, is it still there? Been trying to find one all day!
yes the Plough bin is still there.
There's one next to the pub in Hollydale road, Nunhead. I used it a couple of days ago.
I have asked about the one near the Plough, it's on private land, so the Council can't do anything about it.
What's wrong with the one by the Plough? Is it really run by a cult??!
The car park at the Plough clearly says Plough Patrons only.
Is it ok to park there to drop off recycling stuff. ?

Who controls the parking there. ? Is it a private company. ?

If your are lucky you can park in Barry Road. The bin is in the car park but you access it from Barry Road. Unless you have bags and bags of stuff, you do not need a car. It does get full up quickly so you are advised not to put too much in otherwise it falls out onto the pavement. It is run by a private concern/charity.
Mind at Goose Green always had a clothes bin outside but is it still there after its revamp? On another note, animal charities may take certain textiles so you could always ring them.
Definitely not one at Mind any more.
As above, Mind will take clothes to recycle

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