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Disabled Parking @ for Peckham Rye Park cafe

Any news on this? I cannt be the only person who will not be able to manage the walk from the new carpark.
Where is the new car park?
It's on the opposite side of Strikers Road to the old car park. Not far away, but would be difficult for anyone with mobility issues.
Hi Gaby,
I have submitted in a Member's enquiry about this to ask if eg a short stretch of Straker's road could be used for disabled parking so that you and other disabled cafe users can park closer to the Cafe.
Interested to know what is happening to the old car park? I haven't been in a while.
The whole car park is to become a children's playground with a water feature and sandpit so I'm told !
As for the new diddy car park as I said before in an old threading it is rediculous !
People park but can't get their doors open properly as the spaces arnt wide enough, one woman today couldn't get her kids and pram out once she had pulled in and had to leave the pram in the road to get her child out . It's so small there is going to be an accident .she came from brockley before anyone says she should have walked !
Saturday should be interesting !
As for disabled parking it is far to far away from the cafe .
Ok so I have a Blue Badge, but have seen frail peeps for whom walking obviously a huge effort using the cafe, and taking ages to get to/from maybe a family member's or friend's car in the present carpark. These usually older people with mobility issues probably don't own a car but an outing to the park is a big occaision-like me they wd never manage from the new carpark Speaking for myself when I am particularly poorly we still try get out of the house, and a quick snack in a nearby place where I can enjoy wide green views and watch kids play is great for my frame of mind.
Assuming that cafe has a parking area for deliveries could this maybe be used as a drop off/pick point as well.
I agree ,I use to take my mum there for a coffee as it was easy for her to get out in the old car park as she is elderly and has mobility problems. She would enjoy looking out onto the common watching everything going on , but it is now too far for her to walk to the cafe from the new car park and it is very small too.
I totally agree, access as close as possible to the café for those with limited mobility to enjoy.

Does anyone know the name of our employee at Southwark Council who signed off this arrangement?
And is this a temporary issue caused by all the fencing between the car park and the cafe or a projected longer term issue?

Surely there will be a shorter path to the cafe once the work is done?
They've made a complete pigs ear of disabled parking. A large area facing the car park is closed off by temporary heras fencing around the new playground site, forcing anyone who wants to get to the cafe to go way down around the back of the old 1 o'clock club huts and around to the front to the cafe entrance, quite a hike if you have mobility issues. There is a direct route from the new car park to the cafe, via the old car park site, which I used back in May or early June. This cut-through is also enclosed by heras fencing, but a gate has since been installed and is now kept locked. The fencing seems to separate the site from the access route, so couldn't it be left unlocked?
Also, some temporary signage giving directions would be helpful as that car park does feel in the middle of nowhere, disconnected from the rest of the Rye.
Indeed Muley - and it has messed up the connection between the cycle route that crosses from Friern Road and passes in front of the cafe - I used to be able to cycle accross the car park snd from there join the other cycle route up to the junction of Peckham Rye East and Holmstall Road

Now the options are to go along the narow path behind the One o'clock club or cut up through the park and use the Woodland Walk
it is a joke really...
more than likely the whole car park will be dug up and and re designed at the cost of the tax payer

who authorized the car park design well done southwark council
And the answer is??????????????????????????????
If you read the posts I am not alone in being discrimiated against because of disability!!!

> Hi Gaby,
> I have submitted in a Member's enquiry about this
> to ask if eg a short stretch of Straker's road
> could be used for disabled parking so that you and
> other disabled cafe users can park closer to the
> Cafe.
> Renata

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