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EveryoneActive No Swim only membership

Hello My dear East Dulwich friends !!! I would like to ask to you all if you really want the swimming membership back in Everyone Active Leisure Centre .

I m a swimmers and after years of swimming only ( not a gym person ) Needs to pay full membership even if I m doing only swimming ....This i think is not right at all !! I would like to " complain " or a petition who we can sign and send to Southwark Council .
I would love any advice ,tips , idea how can we have back the swim membership only ?!?!?!

Thank you in advance

I think its fair that they don't do a swim only membership-Its only a small pool and to be honest I OFTEN find its too busy.
HOWEVER-I would say in selected locations with Large or two pools (Like Peckham, Or elephant and castle) a swimming only membership would possibly make sense.
Surely you'd be better off just paying to use the pool overtime you go rather than being a member as pool only tickets are cheaper.
If you're a Southwark resident you can swim for free on Friday all day and Saturday and Sunday afternoons (and I believe you can use the card at Peckham Pulse as well). Say you want to swim four days a week, you could just pay for say two weekdays and it would probably work out cheaper than membership, as NewWave said.
I don't understand this thread - they recently introduced a swim only membership - £39.99 a month. I was discussing it with them by email 3 weeks ago.


Full membership is only £49.00 a month so I didn't bother as swim only doesn't include aquafit.
I am a swimmer and I do swim /training 5 times per week .when is SWIM FOR FITNESS only . Is 30 years I do swim and also I do events ... Camberwell Green Leisure centre has 2 pools !! I dont travel till Elephant and Castle if I m working in Dulwich and living in Forest hill .....With Fusion was swim only membership 29 per month now 31 per month ...Better does it as well ...Only Everyone active has stopped for this year ....because of the free swim for resident ONLY . My Swimmers 'friends are not happy as well because we do training after work and lunch ( I swam for 2 years in Dulwich at lunch now it s impossible to slow swimmers in fast lane ....very annoying !! I don t do gym so why I have to pay more?!?!?!

My point is : swimmers like me swim 5 times per week and like myself I do 12 k per week ...I do more enjoy the Brockwell lido now finally the opening hours are longer than before .and you pay only 198 pounds for a year!!!! Everyoneactive has to change !!!!!
Really ?!?!!? wow have to ask at the reception .It 2 years I m a member and last time (2 months ago ) they said it does not exist a swim only membership !! I ll go to swim in Camberwell Green on wed night and will ask . Finger crossed !!! I do sometimes aquafit in Dulwich ....I found better to pay in one go .350 per year ....but still lot s expensive !!!!!

Thank you all smiling smiley
Cedges Can you please send me a picture with the swim only membership Everyoneactive told you ? Never mind just saw on fb and called them ...only Dulwich ...not interested :D I swim in Camberwell Green Leisure Centre ....sad smiley
IN Dulwich is 25 metres pool ,In Camberwell Green is 25 metres pool plus leisure pool ....small is 12 metres lol ...Agree in Dulwich is madness but if you swim for fitness only ....and not swim for everyone is different smiling smiley I prefer the Brockwell Lido tho ..I have a membership there as well ;) It s not fair , It all depend how much do you swim per week!! :D
I swim about 3 times a week at East Dulwich but do find it very busy. I have only learned to swim relatively recently as a mature swimmer and despite the 'slow lane' being very wide I still often have to stop swimming in order not to crash into people even slower than me!
Thats why as a serious swimmer I'm not sure its the best pool for you.
My OH travels to Lewisham for that reason and we live on ED/FH borders
Hello Newwave ...I swam in Dulwich was hysterical ..considering I swim in a fast lane full of slow swimmers !!

From 2 years I swim in Camberwell Green ...I love there .staff are amazing trying to keep a safe environment and doing their job properly not like in Dulwich .

Last night I asked about the swim only membership and Only in Dulwich are doing it ....no Camberwell and they were quiet surprise about it because Both are under Everyone active ...anyway it s too hot now to swim indoor lol (tried last night)
I swim at the Brockwell Lido ( have membership with them as well). Come and enjoy the lido Newwave smiling smiley I swan to lewisham glass mill for 2 years .deptford too . I like Greenwich as well ...empty during the weekend lunch . 3 times per week is an intensive swim as well .well done you and keeping swimming ;)
Crystal Palace pool is 50m, and is fast (lots of lanes, not busy). 363 bus from ED. By far the best indoor training pool in the area IMO (although I still prefer Brockwell and Tooting Lidos when its warm enough).
Hello Mellors , I have been to Crystal Palace , I dont like it because I dont do the flip turn .....and the wall is too high ...I swim in cold water as well so I don t mind lido .

Swim for fitness in the night in Camberwell Green is lovely . Btw if you are free on next wed at 8 pm there is a relay swimming race in Tooting Bec and I ll be there swimming with Brockwell Swimmers club !! You are more than welcome to come and cheer us !!!! So excited !
On tmw I ll enjoy the lido around 2ish after work (Brockwell Lido ) I might ll see you there one day ?!?! smiling smiley

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