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Window Box & Bay Tree Thieves, Dunstans Road

This morning we woke up to find that our lovely bay tree, in a metal galvanised pot, and two white Royal Horticultural Society window boxes had been taken from outside our house, overnight. We're no strangers to having our stuff nicked since moving here, having dealt with 2 robberies and 1 attempted robbery, but very weird to think someone's half inched our window boxes and bay tree. I could understand the iPad, but this, this is a whole new low. Any information greatly received.
Oh my god, the same thing has happened to me. I am also on Dunstans Road. My 2 lovely Spanish window boxes, both gone this morning. Very heavy, must have been a 2 man job, probably in a van. I am contacting police about it. Meanwhile, here are some pics if any one sees them dumped anywhere.. Cant' believe people can stoop low.

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Thats awful !!! They have probably gone off to a boot sale with some metal collecting type men.
I made a small plant arrangement for my grandmothers grave and that got nicked.
I'm afraid people have even been known to dig plants up from front gardens - and certainly attractive planters (with the bonus of plants) appear to be irresistible. Even sheer weight doesn't seem to be an obstacle. There must be a market for these things, but I don't know where. Presumably some distance away. Certainly inform the police. It's possible, with wooden window boxes, to fit them securely (bolt them to their window ledges, or use brackets to bolt them in) and big planters can be chained - but securing ceramic planters is more difficult - you don't really want to concrete them in as this makes them immovable for you as well, and impacts drainage.
I'm sorry Alice! It sucks, doesn't it? I really liked those window boxes. Just to let you know I have also contacted the police on 101 and I spoke to the bin men and asked them to keep their eyes open, too.
Not really in the same league, but a nice (but cheap - heavily discounted) winter wreath was nabbed from my door (which involved unlocking the gate and walking ten feet or so to it) a few months ago, during the day. It's just around the corner from Dunstans; perhaps this sub-area is rich pickings for green-fingered reprobates?
I contacted the police too - I'm sure it's bottom of the priority list for them. But it's just so annoying!
there was a spate of this about 10 or so years ago then after that nobody put stuff outside- then you all started decorating your front areas and lo and behold the thieves are back.
As uncleglen says, has happened before which is why I no longer have anything but my wheelie bins outside. It's all very sad as I love having window boxes and pot plants but I've lost enough money on this and don't want to again.

uncleglen Wrote:

there was a spate of this about 10 or so years ago
then after that nobody put stuff outside- then you
all started decorating your front areas and lo and
behold the thieves are back.
Sorry to hear about that.
That's why I went to so much trouble to secure my Bay Tree
Note the double nuts. takes ages to disassemble..


.. and the planter is also bolted to the decking with 4 Coach Bolts

This is what I need, Dulwich Fox. I mean, it's really come to something when you have to bolt down your bays, eh?
Dunstans_Jules Wrote:

This is what I need, Dulwich Fox. I mean, it's
really come to something when you have to bolt
down your bays, eh?

It's bad when people make their front gardens look nice for all to enjoy and things get stolen.

This isn't a new phenomena whilst living in a raised ground floor flat in Chelsea in the late 80's someone stole my beautiful stone gargoyle (a contradiction in terms I am aware-but he was a griffon really lovely) and a stone window box off of my windowsill overnight.
Both were extremely heavy and as it was a raised ground floor with a steep drop to the basement they also put themselves at risk by climbing onto my windowsill over railings on the front steps.
Some people are thieving scumbags
end of story

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There was a spate of this some years back.

On that occasion it was just before Mother's Day.

My window boxes are now secured to the window frame with chains.

They could still be removed, but less likely.
Two plants and pots taken from top part of Landells Road in last two nights.
Maybe we should give our front areas over to wildlife friendly plants, rotting logs etc.
Such a sorry state of affairs. I am a fellow Dunstans resident and have plants to plant in pots in front garden at weekend. Needless to say they will now reside in the back garden. Thanks for letting us know.
what a great area this used to be now you can just about get a hello from your neighbor and garden fences are taller than 6ft
i remember when all garden fences was made of wire and you knew mostly everybody on the road i can say this about Dunstans road especially
We live in Dunstans Road as well and had our patio lounges, side table and glass candle holder taken from our patio the same day ...
Dear Fellow EDF Folks

I think this would help as a deterrent, admittedly it's very sad having to resort to this but we use a dummy camera on the side of our building and I think it's very effective. Better still have the real thing, if they are caught and dealt with that is the biggest deterrent then you can all have the lovely displays of trees/ flowers which you deserve to be able to freely and rightfully have outside your homes without fear of theft.

Maybe this guy has something to do with it as I have recently added planters and pots to my front window sill.

I had a teak table in my garden which I was oiling. I saw a woman in my garden trying to move it, so asked her what she thought she was doing.

'Taking the table', she said.

And continued her attempt.

I asked her to leave and she still thought it was available and didn't understand she couldn't have it.
Why not report her? If she is on your property and taking your item, then that is a crime.

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