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What are banging noises in North Cross Road area (and possibly wider)?

Doesn't sound like thunder.

I heard them near Goodrich School. Sounded like fireworks but couldn't see them. Seem to have stopped now.
Heard them faintly Melbourne Grove/LL end. weird as quite prolonged but late too
Apparently fireworks somewhere near Old Street according to friend on Facebook.

Glad someone has found something to celebrate this week sad smiley
Somerset House, for a private birthday party, in a city mourning
Oh, come on: this is a city of several million people. Perhaps if it had been on the night after the fire or the next night, a cancellation or muting would have been appropriate, but going into a kind of mawkish hibernation is the very opposite of what London (and life) is about. We don't live real-life enactments of Twitter feeds or tabloid headlines!
Happened to be on a train out of Charing Cross last night as they were starting. Set off from a barge near Waterloo Bridge, so does sound like that Somerset House thing. More money than sense...but we're no in a period of national mourning or anything, so if that's how they choose to waste their money...
Life goes on...I see the press have tried to make a big deal of it; as we were cycling along Lower Ground on Saturday there was an earsplitting roar very close overhead and I must admit for a second I did think 9/11...turned out to be the Red Arrows heading for the palace to wish Her Maj happy birthday, haven't seen any outcry over that celebration.
Expect free fireworks tonight on Peckham Rye with the fair.
They were great! Sorry to all animals scared out of their fur. But still love fireworks. Sorry.

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