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Street Lighting - Useless Southwark Council

I reported to Southwark Council 2 months ago that some of the street lights on Crystal Palace Road are not working. As per usual with Southwark Council you get the automated response and then hear nothing. I genuinely wonder where our council tax goes as I do not see it being spent on anything that actually improves the environment for its residents.

The primary reason I believe that it is important that the street lighting is working is because there have been a spate of criminal incidents in and around East Dulwich. Surely common sense would be to make sure the streets are safe from a lighting perspective seeing as we have no police officers on the streets anymore. I myself have been assaulted recently and the Police did basically nothing. They noted that the lighting was poor and that any description I gave would be difficult to substantiate in court due to the lighting. Surely we can expect better and if needs be I'd change the bulb myself but would probably be prosecuted for criminal damage!
Over the years I have reported the Lamp Post opposite my house twice.
On both occasions I was able to speak with someone with very little trouble.

I was given a reference number and the lamp post was repaired within a day or two.

If you do it online you can leave your contact details and they will send you a confirmation and a progress report. Having said that, one particular light goes on the blink very regularly.
Theres an app that i use and they will right to the council and you can update it as can others. Its called FIXMYSTREET and you can report anything on it and it works.
....and you can always escalate a council failing such as you've described ChrisHolliday to a local councillor.

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Whats the progress of the lights, all fixed??

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I followed the suggestions on the board and phoned the council who told me the query had been closed. When i pointed out it still wasnt working the chap opened a new query and we now have two lamp posts one of which works the other does not. So in short the issue is resolved. No more emailing Southwark council for me a quick call sorted it and the guy at the coubcil very helpful. Thanks for assistance.

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