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Lordship Lane accident (now open)

LL is closed and buses stationary from North X to after Harris Primary School. Not sure of the details but there's been an accident. Hope no one is too seriously injured.
A man crashed into a stationary car. I heard the crash from my flat near the Chinese restaurant. People nearby smashed his car window and got him out of the car onto the road and started cpr. The paramedics arrived soon after and performed cpr on him for about half an hour and revived him. The ambulances have gone now but the road is still closed.

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There's been a large number of police cars going down LL too and they've moved the cordon. I've just overheard someone say there has also been a stabbing. I hope that's not the case.
I understand a driver had a heart attack whilst driving.... Hence why they crashed into a stationary car
Also there was a stabbing in the same place.
Two different incidents one location....

Forensics on scene

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There is an extensive police cordon, both the junction of Melbourne with Lordship is closed as well as the end of Melbourne... neither buses, cars, bikes or people can get through.

Is best to divert via Blackwater, to Melbourne, then to Colwell connecting with Lordship that way. Buses are being diverted up Pellat.

Police aren't giving out much information, hope everyone involved will be okay.

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Buses not on Pellatt road as closed for a street party..
Oh crumbs, I saw a police officer direct a bus into Pellatt, but they must have had to reverse back onto Lordship. Am guessing that they will direct buses into Townley then via EDG to Lordship. Saw some TfL guys up there, they were probably trying to work out the best route.

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Buses are now running via Barry Road, 40 is terminating at Goose Green.
This from Twitter about the guy who was stabbed: [www.newsoneplace.com] They're not sure how it happened yet.
Article from The Evening Standard here in regards to the stabbing: [www.standard.co.uk]

Article reads that he already the stab wound and drove to the police for help.
Overheard police lady saying closure lukely to be in place till late tonight while they check forendics.
TFL van just finished putting 'Bus Stop Closed' notices on stops along LL by NtX Rd, Post Office etc.
I've been told officially a few moments ago that "A stab victim drove into a P{police traffic accident cordon at Lordship Lane.Whateley Road junction at 1.20pm today. The stab victim is in a life-threatening condition in hospital, He is in his twenties. We have no information on where the stabbing happened."

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trying to get to King's A&E, saw the police cordon and thought they might help??
There was an incident last night with an ambulance and police car in attendance opposite the cinema on LL probably about 9pm. can't remember the precise time/
LL finally open again.

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