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east dulwich ticket office closure?

Has the Ticket Office at ED station really closed? What has happened to the people who worked there? A month ago Richard went a long way out of his way to help a friend who had a problem there & I have a card for him which I can't deliver. Does anyone know where he might have gone?
The last few times I've been past I noticed there was no-one there. I am hoping it is just staff shortages?
Strange though...

Ticket offices closing or temp. closed..

Ticket machines broken non functional..

More ticket inspectors on trains.

Equals more fines..


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"What if the ticket office is closed, or the station does not have a
ticket office and the automatic self-service machines are out of
At most locations there is more than one self-service ticket
machine and these are regularly maintained so it would
be unusual for there to be no self-service ticket machines
available for you to use. At stations where there is only one
self-service machine there is usually a further machine called a
Permit to Travel. This is normally located near the station
entrance/exit or beside other self-service machines. You should
insert the maximum number of coins you have with you in the
Permit to Travel machine, up to the value of your journey.
Press the button and you will be issued with a permit to travel.
This permit must be exchanged for a valid ticket at your first
opportunity, be that on the train or at your destination and in
any case within two hours. You will be given credit for the
amount you paid for the permit when you exchange it for a
valid ticket. If the ticket office is closed or not available and self
service ticket machines or the Permit to Travel machines are
not working then you will not be charged a Penalty Fare."

- Southern Penalty Fares leaflet [www.southernrailway.com] (284kB).
Personally, I would love to see MORE inspectors on trains, as well as ticket offices being open all the time.

Yesterday I 'wasted' £9 on a return ticket from Lewisham to Gillingham, with my tickets not being checked once, and all barriers open.
I've been trying to buy a season ticket at the window for the last couple of weeks, always closed at 8am
and 3:30pm. Rang Southern to have a moan yesterday, and they told me that it should be staffed everyday, and
definitely in the morning rush hour.
Today, it was open!

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