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No water!!!

Hillcourt Road. Anyone else???
Canonbie Road
overhill road
Wood Vale
Thames Water confirm burst pipe on Overhill. Great day for it...
None on Dunstans upper end either. Thames water website says this is planned maintenance of a burst pipe at Overhill and that work will run from 18-20 June. Not sure if they're planning to supply temporary water but given the weather you'd imagine it would be a no brainer.
I've just seen it; it's a massive leak.
none in SE23 by Horniman museum either.
just read in thames water websitethe problem runs as far as SE26!
Apparently the team is on Overhill Road now, next update at 11:45:

They arrived at Overhill Road at about 9.30am - looked like a pretty big team so hopefully this can be dealt with in short order.
i drove past it this morning it is a massive burst pipe just as you turn the corner of sydenham hill opp overhill road
but this has burst a few times
Belvoir road too
Is this the same pipe that bursts every single year? -sigh-
Same pipe. Different junction from usual in my recent experience.
Probably a strange question but any idea of how long this will take to fix going by past experience/what you've been told? Quite possibly the worst day of the year to have no water.
Some years ago, it was at the same time as school returned in September, there was a burst main and it got to the point where bowsers were put on street corners- I expect that is the worst case. There is probably a thread on it here somewhere
Exactly, JamesBond 2007! We had this problem about 6 months ago, and again before that. I was so fed up last time, I insisted Thames Water pay me the compensation, under their policies. The water rates are not cheap and its not ok that they have failed to sufficiently deal with this recurring problem. As for the 'updates' on their websites, telling customers that they are 'dealing with it' (what does that even mean?) and will 'update again' in a few hours (as if they have told us anything remotely useful), is unacceptable. I'm fuming!
I'm trying to work out what they are supposed to pay in compensation - it's not exactly clear - [www.thameswater.co.uk]. Can anyone decipher?
or we fail to turn your water supply back on within the time promised, we will automatically pay our domestic customers £30 and our business customers £50. For each extra 24-hour period that you have no water, we will pay an additional £10 to domestic customers and £25 to business customers.

'Normal' burst mains - 12 hours to restore service - and 'If a larger 'strategic' water main bursts, we guarantee to fix it within 48 hours

Last time this happened they restored service in about 11Hrs 55mins. (What a surprise!)

No idea what they will say this 'main' is - my guessing is if they can't fix it in 12 hours it will be designated a larger 'strategic' water main.
Water seems to have returned...
Still non on Underhill
Or Dunstans
None still on Overhill.
Further to above, apparently £30 is credited to your account if the supply is out for 12 hours or more; then £10 for each 24 hour period. Which would be laughably poor if it was funny. But it isn't. Did anyone notice what time it went off? We've certainly not had any since about 07.00.
Water was off on overhill around 6.20 this morning
Starting to get water on Overhill now smiling smiley Albeit slow and limited pressure
Been back in Underhill (South of Camberwell Old Cemetery) for the last half hour, if on reduced pressure. It does take time for the pipes to re-pressurise.
So frustrating! It's been 3 times in the last 3 months?? I need to start keeping a log.
The chronic low water pressure issue each morning is one thing but having no water one day each month is unacceptable. Thames water need to sort out the root cause and stop applying plaster to the cracks!
The root cause is lack of forward planning and consideration for the utilities when building and conversion work is being done. Each dwelling has to have a separate mains supply and it is hilly around here. The water then has to be pumped at extra pressure therefore and the pipes give out. A normal sized house near North X road was converted and there was a boast of 5 bathrooms on the board outside.
Still nothing on overhill

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