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Ginger cat - please stop feeding he has a family and is well loved

Our very well loved ginger tom cat Woody, came home this morning wearing a blue collar. He has never worn a collar from us, however is microchipped.

Please could I request that whoever (if on the forum) put that collar on our cat please refrain from doing so. Also if he has been visiting you frequently and you've been feeding him please STOP - he is very overweight now and it is risking his health. I do however realise that these actions were likely carried out with the best intentions

He is a much loved member of our family and well cared for here. Please do not continue to entice him into your home.

Many Thanks

Maybe you could somehow attach a note to him?

Might be more likely to be seen by whoever is feeding him than a post on here?

Good luck anyway, hope one of them works!
I agree. Put a note with a contact number on the collar for the feeder to read.
We had EXACTLY the same problem with one of my two cats before we moved here, and this was how we contacted the feeder. It's incredibly frustrating, so I feel your pain.
Happened to a cat I had years ago when a neighbour who kept feeding him refused to when I asked her to stop. She said the cat spent more time at her place so it was now her cat !
She lived next door and spoilt it rotten. I wasn't going to get in to a 'treats war' with her, so let it be and cat came back of its own accord. When neighbour asked me to stop letting cat in my house I said, "soends more time at my house now, so MY cat". Catnip played a part if I'm honest, I grew kilos of the stuff.
A luggage label on the collar might work if you put the information on it. Maybe let neighbours know also.
Thank you all for your kind suggestions - Woody is now the proud owner of a bright green 'PLEASE DO NOT FEED ME' collar and identity tag (+ Barbed wire and GPS Tracker!!)
Our cat is a greedy puss and frequently taps the neighbours up for snacks. I've been and spoken to those that we know. Most have been very obliging once I explain the health issues and that as a last report we will have to keep her inside if she doesn't loose weight. I also made little "beware thief" & mugshot posters and put them through a few doors saying she would steal food so watch out, and included our number in case she was a pest. A few of our other neighbours have responded to this and she finally seems to be slimming down...
I love this thread. It made me smile because there's a lot of love out there for this little furry animal. :-)

obviously, buy it from Chener or Rye books rather than on-line...
I like the idea of the catcam suggested by ianr
It might be worth sticking flyers in your neighbour's letterboxes, alerting them to your cat's Jedi mind tricks.
Best thread for ages. Keep having images of massive fat cat licking its lips as it thuds up the street demanding food from every house and passerby. Images of a kid tying another note on the cat saying, "Ignore previous message, I have a medical condition that makes me fat. Feed me NOW!"

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Thank you all for being so kind. He seems to be around the house a little more recently.

Regarding his gargantuan size - don't joke - he really is huge, you can hear him coming from miles away! heaven help our floors when he jumps off the bed!

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