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Is being very neighborly a thing of the past, or still alive and kicking in ED?

Last night, as I returned home, I notice a vehicle parked outside my house. I notice also the window of the drivers side was completely open. I knew it was driven by a fellow neighbour across the road, but unsure of the exact house. I crossed the road, and knocked on one of the houses. After knocking a few times, a lady appeared, and said she did not own the vehicle, but escorted me to another house.

I knocked on the second house, and the neighbour opened a upstairs window. I checked if the vehicle was there, and then told the neighbour of the window. They were really pleased I told them, I had never spoken to the neighbour before, despite living on the street for double figure.

Is this commen in ED, or do people in ED look the other way these days?

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Despite the reputation London unfairly holds as a unfriendly place, growing up in and around East Dulwich and Peckham, I've always been aware of a strongly held community spirit. Recent trends in house shares locally have to some degree dampened some of that, as the people aren't resident long enough to care for interaction with neighbours. But overall, I think we are incredibly friendly, far more so than some other rural localities on our doorsteps.

Nope. Always keep an eye open for my neighbours and their stuff and know them all by name / to chat with.
If I have a tradesman round and neighbours don't know about it I'll always get a call from one or two them checking all is OK.
Be a shame to leave ED.

ETA (after reading Louisa's cross-post): this includes neighbours who've been on my block and houses opposite from 85yrs, 55yrs, 27yrs, 13yrs, 7yrs, and just a few months.

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having lived in our house since 1975 - we have always known our neighbours by name (several have come and gone over the years) We also know the family at the back of us. We introduce ourselves to new comers. I cannot imagine living anywhere and not know the neighbours.
Likewise. Have always made effort with neighbours. Why wouldn't you. Grew up knowing everyone in my road and around the block and that's just defined my ways.
Neighbourly spirit it live and kicking in Pellatt Road
Knowing your neighbors and having a relationship takes effort. Our block is about 10yrs old, and I've always made a point of stopping to talk to my neighbors, and I like to know who lives on each floor as it helps to spot someone who shouldn't be here (intruders, not unwanted neighbors). Some friendliness is a bit forced, we have a Facebook group to share issues but also good stuff, like videos about how to reach outside windows for cleaning, and we share pictures of our balconies as a kind of virtual open balconies project. it's worth it to have people near by who will recognise your kids or help you out when needed. Consequently if there is ever a break in here I'm sure to be top suspect as I seem to be everyone's go to person to leave a spare key.
I'm not the most social person, but always been friendly to my neighbour, taken in parcels and helped each other out when we've had problems.

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Same Bic Basher. We recently were alerted late at night about a potential problem with an elderly confused gent who lives alone next door to me. We rallied and were able to reassure the guys son next time he asked.

And now the health visitor knows who to ask for an update lol
We exchange Christmas cards with our direct neighbours and we have a street Whatsapp group and an annual street party. I think the area is incredibly community minded
depends if you light a fire-pit or not.
fruityloops Wrote:

depends if you light a fire-pit or not.

Hello fruityloops, I dont understand your response??

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Earlier this evening whilst visiting friends in the road I used to the live, Overhill Road, the water main burst. Stones flying out of the ground and an arc of water threatening to flood one of the houses on the other side of the road. Very quickly lots of people were outside trying to divert the flow and also find out who the owner of a car was that was being pelted by the water, windows smashed and filling up fast.
Everyone that pitched in was soaked to their skin from their efforts to stop the flooding, piling up sand and erecting tarpaulins and after the fire brigade turned up we all helped to bail out the neighbours front garden to stop the water entering the house.

I think that's pretty neighbourly!

Thames water were nowhere to be seen...
Good old fashioned neighbourly spirit and a source of conversations for months to come!
A retired gentleman 2 doors down from us often sorts out our front garden as he knows we at busy with work and kids. That's pretty neighbourly!
Hi trinidad,
What a great act of kindness.
Lots happen but you can increase the chance of more on your street if you help organise a street party.
If you'd like help on how to make this happen get in touch with me.

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We have great neighbours!

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