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Blackfriars cycle lane possible blockage

The north-south superhighway just north of Borough tube is closed today for about two hundred yards up to the intersection with Southwark Street/Stamford Street as there are a couple of very large lorry cranes in it for building works. Maybe they'll be gone tomorrow but they look as if they might be there for a while (passed at 7AM so nobody there to ask). They're partly in the road as well so it's cut down to a single lane each way separated by cones. Just thought I'd mention for cycle and bus commuters, you might want to leave a few minutes earlier to get to work at your usual time.

(ETA Just a public service announcement, not looking to get into a "take the cycle lanes away to make it quicker for buses" debate - in this instance it would make no difference anyway, they'd still be blocking the road!)

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cheers for the heads up, I'll factor that in tomorrow. I reckon they'll be gone though.

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