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Group of threatening men on E Dulwich Grove

About 11 last night 2 teenage girls saying goodnight at the top of Thorncome Rd were threatened & seriously scared by a group of men coming out of a house opposite - presumably on E Dulwich Grove. The girls said the men were older (60s?) and had torches & some were in black hoodies. Any leads as to who these are? Thanks
presumably you know the girls. Take them back there -- discreetly. Get them to identify the house and then go to the police.
Poor things, very scary. Were they really as old as 60? Just remember when I was a teenager I thought 30 was very old.
Hope you get to the bottom of it.
In what way were the girls threatened?

I would have thought it was an immediate police matter and not something to try and sort on a forum, not least because the longer the time elapsed the harder it becomes for the police to identify the men and take any action required?

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