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Anti social behaviour of neighbours

I am getting bit fed up of constant noise and arguing from 2 doors down... It's a teenager well late teens who plays music loud..... Swears..... Argues with parents..... It's all but much when you have a 2 year old and want to enjoy garden. Also bring a teacher their cover stations or rather shoutastations are really annoying to hear.
Suggest - Contact your local councillor, for advice. Via e-mail – See Council WEB site.
bagpuss - I know this is not the point of your post ,so please forgive me but I feel the need to understand

"Also bring a teacher their cover stations or rather shoutastations are really annoying to hear."

what does it mean ?

And you truly have my sympathy - teaching is ,in my book ,a horrendous job .It's the end of term ,you have a two year old and you live cheek by jowl in this crowded area .

The usual advice is ,as I'm sure you know ,to have a word with the neighbours .
it means - "being a teacher, their conversations...."
I live round the corner from a family with sons in their early 20s who shout, swear and threaten their parents much of the time. It is sometimes impossible to sit in the garden when they are in full flow. It's horrible so you have my sympathy. And I, too, am an exhausted teacher..
Depends a lot on the people, but if the parents are otherwise reasonable and just struggling with a challenging child, they might just welcome a third party giving feedback as that could help them keep better standards and boundaries with him. On the other hand if they're just as bad it's trickier. I wonder if they'd take it better if you pick a quiet moment and say you're worried that it's frightening your two-year-old?

I can see you need to address it now or face a miserable summer.
I sympathise and would say, although you may find it hard, you must be assertive because you are are the one who is being badly treated: don't feel bad for complaining or you will be already "fighting" with one arm tied behind your back. Let them know that you are your child are being badly affected by the noise and say you are being reasonable when you ask that they do something about it. Remind them they are living in a crowded city with limited personal space and that it is fair that they act accordingly. After that, record them on your phone and note down when it happens and approach your local councillor for help. Doing something about it will help you feel that you are doing your best to control the situation. Good luck.
You could also poll surrounding houses (next door/alongside and house which back on to the offenders) and see if there's a collective frustration to reinforce your concern/response.
You could even (all) have it out collectively with the offenders across the back gardens - that would be embarrasing for them surely and perhaps have a moderating effect !
Perhaps approach the parents. I would hate to be a parent unaware of how loud our oVergrown son's tantrums or music was. I would also feel validated if I told him he was annoying the neighbours and neighbours agreed.
Thank you all for advice.... Apologies regarding typos in my post..... It's been quiet the last few nights so here's hoping ...... I just can't stand living next to what sounds like the playground at school! 11 to 19 year olds I'm Croydon have the most ridiculous conversations and am bored of it.

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