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Leak at East Dulwich and Peckham Rye Junction

There has been a water leak at East Dulwich and Peckham Rye Junction for quite some time (at least a month). I've now contacted thames water about it.

We'll see how long it takes for them to get their act together.

report a leak

@thameswater (twitter)
Call our 24-hour freephone leakline on 0800 714 614.
It took at least three weeks for the one in my road to be done.
***update*** I've just got a reply
"Thanks FLUX, we're aware of this leak and working with the homeowner to get this resolved ASAP - Amanda"

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You can find leak and maintenance reports on a map at [inyourarea.thameswater.co.uk], and enter your own report if you want. It seems to be the same map for several categories, with the same markers. Entering any local postcode will do to see it. The only one that might relate to the OP seems to be planned maintenance a bit further up Rye Lane, scheduled to start today.
Ok... I've contacted Thames Water again this time attaching a map indicating the exact point of the leak, see B219
Hopefully it is clear. I'll keep you posted.
***Update*** Reply for Thames Water "Hi Flux,...this is a private leak. We don't show these on our website - Luke".

They are dragging there feet regarding the leak issue, its been months. But I can't kick up a fuss if the residents will not act responsibly, and take charge and lead the way.
The leak is scheduled to be repaired on Tuesday. The residents have been incredibly responsible. I think you will find that Thames Water have been pants.
So is it a private leak or not?
apologies to the residents... I'm simply shocked at the duration its taken to get something done. I'm about to take a look at the site.
Yes, apparently Thames Water call this a private leak, however the reason escapes me since everyone can see it.
This leak has already been reported. It is scheduled to be repaired on Tuesday 1st Aug 2017. But don't hold your breath. Meanwhile how much water has been lost?
The leak is still there and no work has even started... this is appalling.

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There was a major leak on the GG roundabout a short time back and it took TW a week to even start work on it. And when they did, the gaping hole in the road was left there for days causing chaos. This is just the way they do things.

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