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The P13 Bus

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed that all of the bus drivers on the P13 route are just the happiest bus drivers ever? They always say good morning when I get on, and have a nice day when I get off! One actually slowed down and stopped in between stops to wait for my pregnant wife!

I love the P13 drivers. As you say, they are friendly and helpful..
Indeed they are very kind and happy people, nice that they are mentioned here!
Yes! I've noticed over the last couple of months that they are super friendly, and always wave or chatty and always really lovely.
There's one of the drivers who always chats to my mum, says hello to everyone who boards and is generally a happy chappie. A credit to the bus company.
yup, great drivers
unlike the 63 drivers who cut in ridiculously close to cyclists and speed down peckham rye on a regular basis. V Dangerous.
Never used the P13 but frequently encounter it when driving up Whateley Road, and they are the only bus drivers who will cheerfully pull in to let other drivers past or acknowledge you if you pull in to let them pass. Most buses would carve up the traffic without a second thought. Good work guys!
what a positive post. I'll take the p13 bus now for a change. thanks. hehe.
can anybody tell me why the above are on diversion please
Yes. Conways are resurfacing part of Barry Road, so Barry Road is currently closed between Underhill Road and Goodrich Road.
I agree the best bus drivers in London even when on diversions last week they were helping people get to their destination well done

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